02/ 22/ 13

RYEBREAD EP.183 – Robocop and Bumblebee!

Brian Sweeney, Akeem, and our awesome intern Grace are in-studio! We briefly touch upon the current state of radio, why catchphrases are important to a radio host, and Brian does his last few Bane impressions. They’re done! Valentine’s Day shenanigans, cooked eggplant-talk as it relates a medical dictionary’s depiction of the anatomy, the conversation of Podcasts v. Radio finds it’s way back into the conversation, Brian tries to explain to Akeem just how to talk to a women and the Wingman-Theory, Grace’s Robot-Party is discussed, we explore a Child Safety video (to find out what a stranger looks like), part of our KidSafe Series, and so MUCH MO’!

Be sure to check out our friends over at Atomukk Pizzeria, where you can check out Mutant Mondays! We’ll be featuring the Mutant Monday series, too, so be sure to catch some of our auditory goodness!


02/ 20/ 13

RYEBREAD EP.182 – Attractive Nuisances and The Planeteers!

Frank Nielsen and Jeff Lean in-studio – Brian breaks in! We listen to the intro of Jeff’s former podcast, Car Bomb Radio, we talk about Captain Planet and how he’s forced into society by The Planeteers, an Infinity Gauntlet or Mandarin rings for Capt. Planet, we continue our Sex Anthology by watching a video about a terrible sexual disease, 1st-time manipulations, and we visit with our good friend Gary Coleman to discuss Attractive Nuisances, and so MUCH MO’!
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02/ 19/ 13

RYEBREAD EP.181 – Django Dechained

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Chris Condren joins us yet again for a lighthearted discussion about Django Unchained, feat. The Avengers. We explore the wonderful world of Abstinent Basketball Players (sex just ain’t worth it), we describe horrific sexploits featuring Salacious B. Crumb, there’s a Bunch Much Mo’, but you’ll have to tune-in to find out!


02/ 18/ 13


 photo 7ef72c87-8103-412c-99be-629a6b37fd58.jpg
Chris Condren joins us on The Bread! It’s our long-awaited comeback from being gone for almost 3 months; things have changed for the Rye Guys, but what exactly? We talk about the hiatus, the Great Podcast Draft of 2012, why you should never give out the address of a ‘PodCave’ (as demonstrated by the Drew and Dawn Show), we play a lost episode of RyeBread (The Love Show), why don’t more African Americans podcast, Samson and Delilah, Photoshopping/super imposing skins on genitals, the Top Episodes of the Bread, and MUCH MO’!


02/ 17/ 13


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