06/ 04/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep. 212 – Star Trek and Rick Moranis!

Chris Doucette is back on the Bread! We talk about his performances at Zanies here in Chicago, take pictures with puppets, talk about hand-sandwich eating, listen to a few minutes of his previous appearance on episode 51, Micheal Clark Duncan and Gary Coleman and Rick Moranis’ enlarger ray are explored, we explore a question Chris once asked his mother about God, we view a television show that once aired on the TLN Network (Total Living Network) here in Chicago where people asked God questions, we review a rare stand-up video of a guy who merges Mexican culture with Star Trek, and so MUCH MO’!


06/ 03/ 13

Mutant Monday is Here!

Check out the mutated creation of Atomukk Pizzeria for Mutant Monday!

05/ 28/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.211 – Mascots and Fireball Whiskey!

Mary O’Connor is on the Breadcast! She’s one of the producers of The Gogo Show – We bring up old wounds for the Segway company, where the founder of Segway died whilst on his very creation, we explore the wonderful world of online dating and it’s prat falls, we explore the ‘Bang With Friends’ app and it’s practicality, we then delve into the misunderstood world of mascots, and so MANY MUCH MO’!


05/ 27/ 13


It’s Monday! And in celebration of Memorial Day, the good folks over at Atomukk Pizzeria have a special serving of mutated mayhem for you to take a gander at. So go on over, click the link above, and take a look at what they have concocted for ya!

05/ 24/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep. 210 – Self-Defense with Herb Johnson!

Maria Wojciechowski is back on the Bread, again! We regale the listener with stories of grandeur (explaining why we’ve been gone for so long), French Stewart as Inspector Gadget (his pivotal role), French stewardess and flight attendant stories of grandeur, we then delve into self-defense discussions and see if we are well informed on the subject, we view a video of a guy named Herb Johnson where he teaches us “self-defense” tactics, we then call good ole’ Herb to teach us defensive maneuvers against the Hawaiians, and so many things that are MUCH MO’!



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