05/ 13/ 13

Mutant Mondays are Here!

It’s Monday! But not just any Monday, it’s Mutant Monday – starting today and every Monday, the good folks over at Atomukk Pizzeria will be presenting Mutant Mondays right here on The Bread website. They’ve taken over, usurped if you will, this space to bring you their amazing mutations..don’t know about ‘em? Click the logo above and find out what we’re jib-jabin’ about. And LIKE THEM on Facebook and be besties. We love them guys – best pizza in the Midwest!

05/ 10/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.209 – Multiverses and Supreme Particles

Irene Marquette is on The Bread – she’s an assistant manager at iO and performer in the Improvised Star Trek podcast. We talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, and their acknowledgment of each other existing within the same universe, we delve into multi-universe talk, time-paradoxes fictional characters have created for themselves by appearing in different television series, Ghost Face Killah’s performance with a bunch of undead mystic druids (which Irene took part in), we get a surprise call-in from comedian Eugene Supreme, and a whole lot of a MUCH MO’!


05/ 09/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep. 208 – The Sex Anthology: Techniques Explored

David Himmel joins us on The Bread! We discuss the sexual deviancy of the adolescents, teenagers and their wild take on sexual intercourse and the places they wish to have it, non-penetrative sex or outercourse as a growing fad among the youth, Akeem explains the “dusty groove” and “the tonton”, continuing education by studying pornography videos, and a whole lot MUCH MO’on the return of The Sex Anthology!


05/ 07/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.207 – Galactus and the Dreadlocked Banana!

Marie Curiosity (burlesque dancer) joins on The Bread! We talk burlesque shenanigans, C2E2 adventures, transgendered exploits, cosplaying craze, we explore the wonderful, magical world of My Little Pony (teh reb00t), we uncover a story of a man who lost over $2000 dollars at a carnival (but he won a Jamaican banana!), Akeem tells a parallel carny story (in which he wins a rabid rabbit puppet), and so much jumpin’ MUCH MO’!


04/ 23/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep. 206 – Freaks and Geeks and Automobiles

Clarie Zulkey joins us on the Bread! We get into Boston bombing talk (much like every other entertainment outlet) and how the media exploits these kinds of situations for ratings, autographs from celebrities and Akeem’s Raven Simone story, the true-life adventures of Bo Jackson and young Brian Sweeney, we talk about Freaks and Geeks, Andy Richter Rules the Universe (and many other television shows that have left us), we explore the reasoning behind Professor Xavier giving Dr. McCoy the nickname “Beast” (and how it should be considered an insult to be named as such), and so many MUCH MO’!
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