04/ 19/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep. 205 – Star Wars the Musical!

Bella Canto is back on this slice of Bread! We delve into the wonderful world of cosplaying, Star Wars’ Han Solo character is fully explored (just what makes him so cool), Harry and the Hendersons meet Chewbacca, the difference between a Coquette and a Cokehead, we get a Skype call from Rachel-in-Australia, Hobbits playing soccer, exclusive cannibalism towards Southerners and Catholics, We call a guy who claims to be a “ladies man”, where he hands out “biz cards” to random women on the streets, and so so MUCH MO’! This one is packed full of ‘easter eggs’ for geeks and nerds of all genres, so there’s an extra 30 minutes for the die-hard fans!


04/ 17/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep. 204 – Rebecca Black Eye Peas

Rasa Gierstikas is back on the Bread! We do some intense catching up, some intense classic references, we explore the wonderful world of hipsters, we make former rapper Eve relevant in the midst of conversation, we explain the Bud Billiken Parade, standing corpses, ANNOUNCEMENTS pertaining to the show, and we teach Rasa how to make a commercial (with the power of animals), and SO MUCH MO’!


04/ 16/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep. 203 – Timothy McVeigh and Forrest Whitaker!

Junior Stopka and Maggie Ednie join us on the Bread! We get into a heated debate on gas expulsion from the human body in public places, racial overtones and blatant ethnic slurs, Suburban Tough guys, we explore the creativity of African American stand-up comedian’s stage names, we get comedian Master Major (now known as ‘Supreme Eugene’) on-the-phone to discuss the history of the black comedian, we find out there is a comedian names ‘Comedian Food Stamp’, improv with Timothy McVeigh (Junior) and Forrest Whitaker (Akeem), and so MUCH MO’!


04/ 12/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.202 – Corey Haim and Dolphines!

Violet Starshine (burlesque) joins us on the Bread! We tackle the topic of merging Batman with Burlesque, Patrick Warburton doing stand-up comedy and his amazing voice, Violet Starshine’s amazing physical appearance, Corey Feldman and Ernie Hudson’s bet on which Corey would die first (Ernie Hudson won the bet), Corey Haim’s “Me, Myself and I” video stirs up emotions of old Haim movies, Ice-T and so MUCH MO MO’!


04/ 09/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.201 – Tell the Tooth!

Joe Kwaczala joins us on the Bread – We discuss his previous appearance, the final season of his show, The Late Live Show, traumatic experiences of baby teeth loss, and we watch a video entitles The Adventures of Wiggly Tooth. All this and so MUCH MO’ (be sure to listen through to the ending for a small little “Easter egg” – it’s all good stuff!)



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