04/ 03/ 13

Ryebread on You, Me, Them, Everybody (Podcast) !

The Bread was representing on-stage at You, Me, Them, Everybody – Host and buddy, Brandon Wetherbee interviewed Akeem, where they talk about the Bread’s secret origins, relationship woes, the on-air persona, and shameless plugs of Spunk Lube (enter promo code “penis” and get off)..

with his trusty co-host, Esmeralda Leon! There’s a bunch of other guests rounding out the show, so listen to the entire podcast – with Red Hot Annie, CJ Sullivan, and musical guest Matt Campbell.

04/ 01/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.200 – James Adomian

James Adomian joins us on our 200th! We discuss Easter, Jesus having an immense hangover, Plato and his affinity for little boys, Alf is fully explored as a dramatic, independent movie, our buddy over at the Atomukk Pizzeria has a ‘special surprise’ for our 200th, we explore the lunacy of Alex Jones on-air, Tom Leykis, Jesse Ventura, Huell Howser, Todd Glass and so many MUCH MO’ on the 200th SHOW!

Sponsored in part by our besties over at Brain Toniq, Sierra Nevada, and Atomukk Pizzeria!


03/ 26/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.199 – Enter The Luchadores Mask of Truth!

Anna Lucero is inside of the Bread slice! We make an announcement about our 200th episode (03.30.2013), we get a call from a guy named Allen, we explore his ethnicity given some of the verbiage used by Allen on-air, we make Anna wear the Luchadores Mask of Truth to prove her love of Star Trek, Show-and-Tell segment, we review a 2-part Stranger-Danger video and explore our strange encounters with fellow individuals, and so many MUCH MO’!


03/ 25/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.198 – Michelle L’amour (The Most Naked Woman)

Michelle L’amour joins us in-studio! As an American neo-burlesque performer, L’amour has performed stripteases on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Showtime’s Sexual Healing, and in small touring performances – we explore the life and times of her burlesque career, how she got into exotic dancing, and how she put Chicago on the map as a hub for the revival of the traditional burlesque performance art. Join us as we discuss this and MUCH MO’ with “The Ass That Goes POW!”


03/ 20/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.197 – Porn, Corn and Chicken!

Miss Ammunition joins us on the Bread – Ammo is Chicago’s leading Fire and Grinder Burlesque Extraordinaire! We have a heavy discussion on fire-eating and breathing, angle grinder acts and body modification rituals such as flesh hook suspension, flesh pulls and play piercing. We’re regaled with stories of Porn and Chicken, faux ‘fisting’ and actual ‘fisting’, we talk about Vortex Water Pipes, strip clubs, we talk about the Rocky Horror Picture Show theatrics, and so much of a lot MUCH MO’!



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