03/ 20/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.196 – Cop V. Knife, Fight!

Part 3 of the St. Pat Day episode – We talk about the exposition openings of 80s’ sit-coms (instead of having traditional theme songs), we read a lengthy e-mail from a listener pertaining to race and gender, we view a video about drug prevention (Nightmare on Drug Street), and a video where Canadian Police Officers fight knives (yes, actual knives wielded by criminals), and so many spectacular MUCH MO MO’!


03/ 19/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.195 – Facebook, Adoption and Catfish!

Krystal LaFianza-Pitzen is back for Part-2 on Breadcast! We continue our Steve Harvey discussion on Krystal’s date, reading the comments posted based on the date, Krystal’s friend Skypes in, we talk about her and Krystal’s wild 7-Eleven adventures, a guy named ‘Da Pig’ Facebook friends Krystal upon seeing her on the Steve Harvey Show and asks her out, we then find out he ‘Catfish’d’ Krystal, we delve into local podcast rankings, podcast networks are discussed (a bunch of nerdy podcast stuff), we read some listener e-mails pertaining to the Erin Lane episode and a few comments made by Akeem and Brian, we talk about adoption and Akeem tells the story of his two best friends who were adopted during his time on the southside of Chicago, and so many much mighty MUCH MO’!


03/ 18/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.194 – The Steve Harvey Experience!

Krystal LaFianza-Pitzen joins us for the Saint Patcast Podcast! We consume copious amounts of libations, which propels the show into a 3-hour frenzy – this means a 3-part episode! – we explore Malort (an alcohol that is known for it’s disgusting flavor), Brian Sweeney bursts through the door and steers the conversation into a much more sexual tone (where we explore a move Krystal calls “the Wrigley”), we review the Life and Times of Aaron Carter, back when he was on top of the world and defeating Shaquille O’Neal in a round of basketball – then we review ‘The Rematch’, where Shaq takes his swag back from Aaron – We then talk about Krystal’s experience on The Steve Harvey Show, where she went on a blind date with a guy named ‘Michael’, and so MUCH MO’!

Listen to Part-2 for the continuation of this 3-Part episode!


03/ 15/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.193 – Super Barrio Brothers

Sarah Gallagher is in the studio! We’re gifted a cake by Sarah, her mother calls in, her sister calls in, lots of chit chatter, we eat cakes and cakes, we view the trailer of Barrio Wars, and a whole lot of a heck MUCH MO’!


03/ 13/ 13

RYEBREAD Ep.192 – Get Rich Quick Schemes!

Monique Madrid joins us on the Bread! We talk about her improvised haircutting show, “Bitch, I’ll Cut You”, Monique’s husband’s Le Cordon Bleu commercial, we call comedian Master Major (who officially goes by his “real name”, Supreme Eugene..), we learn about reaching a higher level of consciousness, we check out a ‘Make Money & Get Rich‘ video from Tom Vu (you remember Tom Vu, don’t you?), and so MUCH MO’!



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